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01. Some early words...

MAROQQO digital media is known for doing supporting work in all areas of digital media: photo & film post production | shootings | AV editing & mastering | compositing | VFX | GFX | web applications | Drupal | CDCI | GD | DTP

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This Team

An idea maker, a visionary,
a creative genius.

This Team

and ambitious.

This Team

A rule breaker,
and exceptional communicator.

02. Collaboration

While we are very much involved in projects in the moments, we're always excited to hear about new ideas and collaborations.

03. Selected Projects

Project Website: maursegler.com
Y-2011 May
Project Website: ugovsky.com
Y-2014 Dec
Project Website: karin-ugowski.com
Y-2009 Jul
Project Website: guenter-horn.com
Y-2010 Aug
Project Website: fassette.net
Y-2010 Oct
Project Website: maroqqo.com
Y-2011 May
Project Website: reqqord.com
Y-2017 April
Project Web Application: Teamportal
Y-2014 Apr
Project Web Application: Editorial Desk Workbench Content System
Y-2013 Nov
Project Application: breakITdown Media Production Software
Y-2012 Oct
Project Drupal Module Contribution: Internationalization
Y-2014 Jun
Project Drupal Module Contribution: Nice messages
Y-2014 May
Project Drupal Module Contribution: Link
Y-2014 May
Project Drupal Module Contribution: CLE
Y-2012 Oct
Project Base Theme Development for Drupal 7: Magrid
Y-2012 Mar
Project Theme Port to Drupal 8: Druppal Port | diqidoq's sandbox: HTML5UP Directive
Y-2016 Apr
Project Photo Session: Karin Ugowski, Outdoor
Y-2016 Mar
Project Photo Session: Karin Ugowski, Portrait
Y-2016 Mar
Project Photo Session: Sebastian Ugovsky, Outdoor
Y-2014 Mar
Project Photo Session: Sebastian Ugovsky, Portrait
Y-2014 Mar
Project Photo Session: Günter Horn, Paintings
Y-2016 May
Project CD/CI: FASSETTE Logo
Y-2009 May
Project CD/CI: Gilmano Logo
Y-2008 Jun
Project CD/CI: REQQORD Logo
Y-2013 Apr
Y-2012 Aug
Project CD/CI: Slo'Jam Logo
Y-2008 Jan
Project CD/CI: MAROQQO Logo
Y-2007 Jul
Project Post Production: Mauersegler
Y-2015 Sep
Project Post Production: Die Farben des Regenbogens
Y-2010 Nov

04. What Can We Do

Visual Design 001.
CD/CI 002.
Drupal CMS 003.
Graphic Design 004.
Creative Direction 005.
GFX/VFX 006.
Web applications 007.
Post production 008.
Art Direction 009.
Editing & Mastering 010.
photo shootings 011.
compositing 012.
9 Years Experience
in Creative Design
13 Countries Visited
for Clients
68% New Business
from Referrals
50+ Projects
47% Current Project
1 Time Bullied
by a Client

Great creative thinking for the best solution. MAROQQO is by far the most professional and knowledgeable provider I worked with. I would hire this magic weapon again and again ...

1st. AD, R. Tepfenhart | MAURSEGLER Film

MAROQQO technical knowledge and branding experience came together and resulted in a site that is not only catching and interesting, but also one that is user-friendly.

Karin Ugowski - Film & theater actress

As always MAROQQO did an excellent job in just few hours. Great communication and fast excecution. Thanks for great work :)

REQQORD music - folio sound department

We called on MAROQQO to help us deliver a Drupal based solution for our magazine relaunch with tight deadlines. MAROQQO seamlessly integrated into our workflow and quickly became a key part of our team. Great job!

Christian Phiel - FASSETTE.net online magazine

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06. Get in Touch

We love to make new contacts with new people. Feel free and drop us an email: support@maroqqo.com

Thank you for coming. Hope you had a little nice time here :)

Have a good day!